April 22, 2018

As we continue in #REDOseries, Pastor Kevin Simmons shares with us what it takes to experience a second chance in relationships. Looking at the Old Testament story of Hosea we’ll see that sin is not the end when we love in relationships like God has loved us!


Overcoming Failure

April 15, 2018

This week Pastor Kevin Simmons continues in RE-DO by showing us the the second chance God has offered us helps us overcome our failures. During this message we'll peek into the life of Peter and see how to overcome when we've experienced failure!


Overcoming Hurt

April 8, 2018

As we continue in RE-DO, Pastor Kevin Simmons shows us how to overcome hurt through the life of King David. We cannot avoid hurt, in fact the Bible promises that we’ll experience pain. We can, however, overcome it when we deal with it in way that guards our focus and keeps us faithful!



April 1, 2018

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this Easter, Pastor Kevin Simmons opens up RE-DO by showing us that the death and resurrection of Jesus are invitation to an entirely new way of living. Through His death and resurrection Jesus purchased our freedom and now offers us a second chance, even when we’ve messed it up!



March 25, 2018

As we close out CHEMISTRY Pastor Kevin Simmons addresses our broken connection with God through sin and shows how God re-balanced the equation of life at the Cross!



March 19, 2018

As we continue in CHEMISTRY, Pastor Kevin Simmons shows us that the Local Church is God’s tool to continually bring us home to Himself. During this message Pastor Kevin will candidly share some distinctives that create the chemistry we have at Vortex Church. Also, during this message Pastor Kevin shares, in depth, our plan to better care for people in this next season of our church’s growth!




March 11, 2018

As we continue in CHEMISTRY, Pastor Kevin Simmons shows us that we need to have the right chemistry on the inside if we’re ever going to have the right chemistry with others and God. During this message Pastor Kevin will draw a distinction between the sin of selfishness and the God-designed plan for self-care, and we’ll see that self-care connects us to our authentic self, the person God designed us to be!


The Bonds Of Connection

March 5, 2018

During this message Pastor Kevin Simmons opens up #CHEMISTRY series by inviting us to examine the bonds that create connection. We are hardwired by God for connection. During this message we’ll see what gets in the way of authentic connection and learn how to cultivate connection in our own lives.



February 25, 2018

As Pastor Kevin Simmons closes out #SEXYseries we’ll see that God’s design for the heart of a man and woman was not intended to be lived out independently. God made us to live together. In this practical message you’ll see how the complimentary natures of men and women work together to provide a more complete picture of God, and you’ll see how we often get it wrong!


Reclaiming The Heart Of A Man

February 18, 2018

As we continue in SEXY [PART TWO] we’ll look at the God-designed heart of a man! During the message Pastor Kevin will confront the common cultural presentation of masculinity and counter it with a Biblical perspective. You’ll also see the way forward to be “initiated” into the God-designed heart for men!