October 14, 2018

As we open #MIRACLESseries, Pastor Kevin Simmons explores how familiarity can keep us from Gods best for us. Have you ever noticed that you can’t see something fully when you’re too familiar with it? Maybe you’ve become too familiar with Jesus and your life isn’t honoring Him the way it once did. Maybe you’ve never lived in a way that honored Him. During this message you’ll see that honor positions us to experience the miracle working power of God!


David Payne

October 7, 2018

This week one of Vortex's Overseers, David Payne (who Pastors Lifesong Church in Sutton, Massachusetts) joins us to share God's Word. In this message from Exodus 17 you'll see that God has invited us to fight together against the struggles we face. When we keep our eyes on Him in the battle, He becomes our victory!



September 30, 2018

This week as we close out FURTHER INTO THE VORTEX, Pastor Kevin Simmons shows us that faith is designed to mature in our life as we journey to get closer to Jesus and reminds us that the only journey worth taking is towards Jesus.



September 23, 2018

As we start #FURTHERintotheVORTEX, Pastor Kevin Simmons helps us see that Vortex has a strong passion to see everyone connected in authentic fellowship, with Jesus at the center of their relationships. During this message you’ll also see what happens when we get the wrong things at the center of our lives, and you’ll see the wrong center isn’t strong enough to support the life Jesus wants to build in you!


Sixth Birthday

September 9, 2018

As we gathered to celebrate our sixth birthday at Vortex, Pastor Kevin Simmons shared this simple reminder that God has invited us into work. As you probably already know… WORK IS HARD! It’s easy to grow tired and want to quit, even when we know we’re doing what we should be doing! During this message you’ll see God’s promise for all of us if WE REFUSE TO QUIT!


Faith In Action

September 2, 2018

This Kevin Timmons, a.k.a KT, shares his heart on putting our faith into action. During this message he covers the two most important things it takes to live a life of following Jesus. Taking action in our relationships to God, and in serving others.



August 26, 2018

As we close out #THEBESTOF2018 we revisit one of your favorite series from the last year, Unhinged: Overcoming The Battle Of Offense Within (watch the original series: https://bit.ly/2o6APy7). During this message one of our Overseers, Brandon Cox (who is the Lead Pastor of Grace Hills Church in Bentonville, Arkansas) will show us how to overcome a stronghold and live free!



August 5, 2018

This week Pastor Dan Stallbaum kicks off The best of series with sermon reviewing The Redo series where he talks on what it looks like to be a true neighbor.


Black Panther

July 29, 2018

As we wrapped up #ATM2018, Pastor Kevin Simmons shared with us about what guides us through life, either faith or fear. Fear is a liar but faith allows God to work through us and use us in ways we never thought possible.


Jurassic World

July 22, 2018

As we continue in AT THE MOVIES 2018, Pastor Kevin Simmons examines the newest installment in the Jurassic World movie franchise. During this message you’ll see that change is inevitable, but how we approach change will have a dramatic impact on the quality of our lives! #ATM2018 #VortexChurch.