June 13, 2018

As we continue in #YouAskedWeAnswered we’re going to look at the topic of finances. During this message Pastor Kevin Simmons will show us that Jesus had A LOT to say about money, reveal the truth about money from His teachings, and guide us to sound, proven financial practices from the Scriptures! Don’t miss this one… it could literally transform your future and your family’s future!



June 7, 2018

As we open our newest series, YOU ASKED WE ANSWERED, Pastor Kevin Simmons tackles one of the most significant questions we carry through life: "How do I deal with this guilt I feel inside?" During this message, Pastor Kevin will show us that we are all guilty of failing God and hurting each other, and we all need to receive God’s forgiveness and healing! 


Eternal Home

May 27, 2018

As we closeout #AFTERLIFEseries, we look at our ETERNAL HOME in heaven! During this challenging message, Pastor Kevin Simmons will walk us through the Scriptures and give us a comprehensive picture of what heaven looks like. This message is so important because the way we think about eternity shapes the way we live today!


Your Will Be Done

May 20, 2018

As we continue in #AFTERLIFEseries, Pastor Kevin Simmons shows us that the way we receive or reject the invitation to follow Jesus in this life not only has a direct impact on days, it sets the course for our eternity. In this message you’ll see how rejecting Jesus has a dramatic impact on your days in this life and the life to come, and you’ll see the hope connecting to turning from that rejection and receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior.


Afterlife - Home

May 13, 2018

As we continue in #AFTERLIFEseries Pastor Kevin Simmons reminds us that this world is not our home. Every human was created for a home that they’ve lost. During this message you’ll see how God has planned to rescue us from the haplessness of not living in our eternal home and how Jesus made the way for us to live eternally in the home we were designed to live in!


Redo Hearts

April 29, 2018

As we conclude #REDOseries, Pastor Kevin Simmons shares with us why we need reconstruction on our hearts. When we fail to live under God's design for our lives our hearts become hard. During this message you'll see what we need when our hearts grow away from God and how to experience a redo in our own hearts!




April 22, 2018

As we continue in #REDOseries, Pastor Kevin Simmons shares with us what it takes to experience a second chance in relationships. Looking at the Old Testament story of Hosea we’ll see that sin is not the end when we love in relationships like God has loved us!


Overcoming Failure

April 15, 2018

This week Pastor Kevin Simmons continues in RE-DO by showing us the the second chance God has offered us helps us overcome our failures. During this message we'll peek into the life of Peter and see how to overcome when we've experienced failure!


Overcoming Hurt

April 8, 2018

As we continue in RE-DO, Pastor Kevin Simmons shows us how to overcome hurt through the life of King David. We cannot avoid hurt, in fact the Bible promises that we’ll experience pain. We can, however, overcome it when we deal with it in way that guards our focus and keeps us faithful!



April 1, 2018

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this Easter, Pastor Kevin Simmons opens up RE-DO by showing us that the death and resurrection of Jesus are invitation to an entirely new way of living. Through His death and resurrection Jesus purchased our freedom and now offers us a second chance, even when we’ve messed it up!